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Film & Media work

I have had the pleasure to work on a number of exciting media, stage & filming projects. From working dailies, which suits me fine due to home commitments, to pantomimes & head of departments.

I thoroughly love & really do enjoy this side of my job. 

Being behind the camera, working with various casts, crews & departments, working together to create & deliver a project.

 Seeing at it all come full circle once it is released, aired or onstage were all your work comes to life.

December -  January 2023 - 2024, Goldilocks & the three bears pantomime, Theatre Royal Plymouth, Wig Mistress & head of department

October - November 2022, Beyond Paradise, Daily hair & makeup artist, Principle cast & Supporting artist's

September 2022, NSPCC Christmas advert, Hair & Makeup Designer - Principle cast & supporting arist's

May 2021 'Control Chaos' Rnoir productions- key hair & makeup artist, SFX principal cast & supporting artistes

April 2021- may 2021 ' Malory Towers' Queen Bert Limite, filmed for CBBC- hair & makeup principal cast & supporting artistes.

November 2020 'Bewitched' FFP media, hair & makeup supporting artistes.

November 2019 'The Red Shoes' Matthew Bourne, in the Theatre Royal- Local Wig assistant. 
October 2019 'Lee Miller documentary' Little Tree Films, produced for the BBC- Key hair & makeup artist 
September 2019 'Malory Towers' Queen Bert Limited, filmed for CBBC- hair & makeup artist for supporting artistes.
September 2019 'Doc Martin' Buffalo Productions - hair & makeup artist, supporting artistes.
August 2019 'Card Dead' sunset rider productions- Key hair & makeup artist for the film.
July 2019 'the magic bus' FFP Media - hair & makeup  supporting artistes 
May 2019 ' Looper' local media company - hair, makeup, SFX  main artistes
December 2018 'Camelot ' sparkwell theatre company - hair & makeup lead artiste
October 2018  Rossi Pictures-  hair, makeup & sfx supporting artistes
August & September 2018 ' Delicious' Sky One production - hair & makeup supporting artistes & main actor Iain Glenn

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