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Profesional Hair & Makeup Design


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About Me


Hello my name is Sachelle Ward and I am A Professional hair & makeup artist, & designer. 

As a wedding industry specialist I have been around now for almost a decade. Award winning, and featured in publications for my work too. I really do put my all into weddings and being a part of someone's special day.


When I am not at a  wedding you may well find me working on some television, or film project.

Over the years I have worked on many amazing productions with fantastic cast and crew, and have been asked to be makeup designer for a few, featuring on main stream television. 


If I'm not doing either of those then you will probably find me doing admin, trials, or carrying out additional services like, lash lift & tints or eyebrow treatments.

My work and my family are my life, so how do I spend any down time? I will either be going for a swim, or no doubt cleaning up after the hubby and my beautiful crazy child, or out for a walk or chilling with my dogs Ralf & Nigel. Failing that a catch up with friends where I will no doubt tell some rubbish joke.






As A recognized wedding specialist, I put my all in to weddings and my brides. My dedication and attention to detail is second to none. I have been fortunate enough to of been part of 100's of brides weddings, and I really do treasure each and every one. Being trusted to be a part of someone's wedding morning is, and always will be a privilege & honor.


My style  would be described as natural, soft, glam, romantic, boho vibes. However heavy looks I have both done and loved!

My ultimate aim is to bring out and enhance my brides natural beauty, so you can confidently  walk into the next phase of your life feeling your very best self, while still looking & feeling like you

I pride myself on creating a warm and friendly atmosphere not only on your trial appointment,  but on your wedding morning as well, I may even tell the odd inappropriate joke too. Being trusted to look after your bridal party made up of your nearest and dearest, I aim to create styles that both suit and compliment Everyone.


I fully believe it is my job to ensure that your dream wedding day starts of just as perfect as the rest of the day is sure to be.


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December - January 2023 - 2024, Goldielocks & the three bears, at the Theatre Royal, Plymouth, Wig Mistress

October - November 2022, Beyond Paradise, Daily hair & makeup artist, Principle cast & Supporting artist's

September 2022, NSPCC Christmas advert, Hair & Makeup Designer - Principle cast & supporting artist's

May 2021 'Control Chaos' Rnoir productions- key hair & makeup artist, SFX principal cast & supporting artistes

April 2021- may 2021 ' Malory Towers' Queen Bert Limite, filmed for CBBC- hair & makeup principal cast & supporting artistes.

November 2020 'Bewitched' FFP media, hair & makeup supporting artistes.

November 2019 'The Red Shoes' Matthew Bourne, in the Theatre Royal- Local Wig assistant. 
October 2019 'Lee Miller documentary' Little Tree Films, produced for the BBC- Key hair & makeup artist 
September 2019 'Malory Towers' Queen Bert Limited, filmed for CBBC- hair & makeup artist for supporting artistes.
September 2019 'Doc Martin' Buffalo Productions - hair & makeup artist, supporting artistes.
August 2019 'Card Dead' sunset rider productions- Key hair & makeup artist for the film.
July 2019 'the magic bus' FFP Media - hair & makeup  supporting artistes 
May 2019 ' Looper' local media company - hair, makeup, SFX  main artistes
December 2018 'Camelot ' sparkwell theatre company - hair & makeup lead artiste
October 2018  Rossi Pictures-  hair, makeup & sfx supporting artistes
August & September 2018 ' Delicious' Sky One production - hair & makeup supporting artistes & main actor Iain Glenn


Being a freelance hair & makeup artist & designer it also allows me to work on other amazing projects, like photo shoots. 
I loved a styled photo shoot! from out doors where you are battling the elements,  to beautiful empowering boudoir & mother and baby, & even quirky fine art to clothing brand shoots.

I love this and the creative aspect behind it all, & getting to flex my creative muscles, as the outcome is always beautiful.



Get in touch for a quote and booking information



TELEPHONE: 07957319665

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